Best Mobile Share Trading Apps in India


  Best Mobile Trading Apps in India

    Forget about 80’s and 90’s when traders used to wait for next day’s news paper to know price of their stocks, till recently traders were paying the broker for the trading platform and the data-feed for it. But nowadays technology has become major distinguishing factor between two Stock brokers. The broker who does not offer latest trading platform with must have features is left behind in the competition.

When we say Trading Platform, it also include Trading Apps for Mobile and Tablets given that we have entered the “Post -PC” era. So more and more brokers are concentrating their effort on providing Best Mobile Share Trading Apps in India.



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   In the previous article we have talked about some of India’s Best Trading Platforms mainly with focus on desktop and web based platforms. This article will be about Mobile platforms, for the traders who are always on move and have limited access to their system.

  Points to consider while choosing the Mobile Trading App

  •  Compatibility with your Smart Phone

The Mobile platform is the most important and primary thing to be considered while choosing the mobile applications, IOS & Android are two most preferred platforms while Windows and Blackberry are also widely used. It’s beneficial to know that which platform will be supported by your broker applications.

  •   Number of App Downloads

Higher the number of downloads, higher is the possibility of product being top notch. Check out the number of installation at Google play store or IPhone app store. It gives fair idea of how popular is the mobile app and also the stock Broker. 

  •   Review of the App

Who else can be better source of information than the real people who have used on their own and taken timeout to provide their feedback. Check the reviews on play store, but be wary of some of the fake reviews. App with highest rating necessarily need not be the best one.

  •   User Experience

     Mobile app is something you used to do on your computers and now you want to do the same thing on the go. Hence the user experience should be flawless with less clutter. You should not find yourself wondering where is the Buy or Sell button?!.

Following is the list of some of India’s Best Mobile Stock Trading Apps:

1) Zerodha Kite


   Zerodha’s web platform called “Kite” is India’s one of the minimalistic trading platform with lot of exciting builtin  features.  Mobile (Android) version of Kite is also available with intuitive UI. Zerodha is one of the leading discount broker operating in India with highest number of customers compared to its peers. Zerodha offers zero brokerage for all the investments and only Rs20/order for trading. It also has one of the most advanced desktop based platform called Zerodha PI (Trade like 2020). We have reviewed Zerodha brokerage in detail and you can read it here.

Watch Introduction to Zerodha Kite Android Mobile App on Youtube :

Some of the salient feature of Zerodha Kite – Android App are: 

  •  One-tap universal instrument search for all contracts across all exchanges — NSE, BSE, MCX
  •  Live streaming data
  •  Multiple marketwatch and live market depths
  •  Advanced chart with 100+ indicators
  •  Years worth of free historical chart data
  •  Trade Equities, F&O, Commodities, Currency
  •  Various order types: Regular, AMO, BO (Bracket orders), CO (Cover orders)

  2) RKSV Upstox


  RKSV is another premier discount brokerage house (RKSV Review) offering Rs20/order brokerage. Android version of its desktop trading platform called Upstox is available to the traders who are on the move.

Watch Introduction to RKSV Upstox Mobile App on Youtube :

Some of the salient features of Upstox Mobile are: 

  • Live streaming prices from NSE F&O, NSE Cash, BSE Cash, NSE Currency and BSE Currency
  • Candlestick and Line charts
  • Limit, Market and Stop Loss orders
  • Advanced order types such as Cover Orders
  •  View your account balance and margin limits realtime


 3) Angel Broking Mobile App


Angel Broking (Angel Broking Review) is one of the Top 10 Stock Broker of India with branches all over the country.  Along with their Desktop trading software (Speed Pro) and web based platform (Angel EYE), Angel Broking also has mobile based application with lot of good features.

Some of the salient feature of Angel Broking Mobile Trading App are : 

  • View multiple Index with real time prices, Streaming Market Watch
  • Intraday charts & news, live updates about top-gainers & losers
  • Create customized device watchlists
  • Trade across all segments with utmost convenience
  • View Trade Reports, Limits & Holdings at anytime and from anywhere.
  • Access your Ledgers, Contract note, P&L statements at one click.
  • Transfer funds & securities from a single place

  4) Motilal Oswal Mobile App


Motilal Oswal Securities (Motilal Oswal Brokerage Review) is yet another reputed Stock broker with network spread over 520 cities and towns comprising 1,743 Business Locations. Trade on the go through their mobile platform which works on both mobile and tablets. It is available on Android and Black Berry devices 

Watch Motilal Oswal Mobile App Introduction on Youtube :

  Some of the key features of Motilal Oswal mobile platform are: 

  • Super-Fast trading across Equities, Derivatives, Commodities, Currencies,investment in Mutual Funds & IPOs
  • Real-time portfolio monitoring tools to help to make investment decisions on the move
  • Quick and convenient, one-time login feature along with a secured trading experience

  5) TradePlusOnline Mobile App

Tradeplus is Chennai based Stock Broker in the industry from 1983 and Tradeplusonline is their integrated online brand. Tradeplusonline offers lowest monthly  brokerage plans in India. More details about their brokerage plans can be found at TradeplusOnline review page.  

Tradeplusonline has recently launched mobile app through which user can carryout all the tasks possible through desktop/web based interfaces.

Watch Tradeplus Mobile Introduction on Youtube :

Some of the salient Feature of Tradeplus Mobile App are: 

  • View your trading Ledger balance across segments.
  • View your open positions
  • View your DP stocks with haircut valuations.
  • Single login access for all your linked accounts.
  • Make a request for funds payout.
  •  Transfer funds using payment gateway to your equity or commodity trading ledger. 
  • View your current stock alerts
  • No longer need to send mails to client service. Just send message to client service from Tradeplus Mobile for faster response.

  Open Account with TradePlusOnline - Get Mobile App for Free!

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