Brokerage Calculator for Indian Share Brokers

Please read the instructions on how to use this calculator at the end.


  How to use the Brokerage Charges Calculator?

  • First Select the fields in “Segment”, “Select State” and “Custom Brokerage?” drop down list
  • If “Custom Brokerage?” is selected “No” then default brokerage value is used for calculation
  • If “Custom Brokerage?” is selected “Yes” then value input in “Custom Brokerage %/Custom Brokerage per lot (Rs) ” will be used for calculation

Example; Usually the brokers have default brokerage percentages. (ICICIdirect has 0.55% as default brokerage charges for delivery segment). But if they offered you a different plan with rate say 0.3%, please select “Yes” in “Custom Brokerage” dropdown menu and input 0.3 in the “Custom Brokerage %” field.


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Note : Default Brokerage is ignored if you select “Yes” in “Custom Brokerage?” menu

  • Some Broker charge minimum brokerage for small value transactions.
  • Default Minimum brokerage amount is displayed in “Minimum Brokerage(Rs)” field.
  • If you Broker charges different Minimum Brokerage charge, please input the the figure in “Minimum Brokerage(Rs)” field

Example : ICICI Direct charges minimum Rs 35 as brokerage charges. Assume you did buy and sell transactions of XYZ company’s shares and the total turnover is just Rs1,000. At default brokerage of 0.55%, the total brokerage should have been Rs5.5. But ICICIdirect will charge Rs 70 (Rs35 for buy and Rs35 for Sell).

If you find any discrepancies in the calculation, please let us know through comments.

We have also included the comparison with a popular discount broker Zerodha. If you are not aware who is a discount broker, we recommend you to visit this page.

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