Thyrocare IPO Allotment status

Thyrocare IPO Allotment Status

Have you applied for Thyrocare IPO and curious about status of the IPO allotment?. Check Thyrocare IPO allotment status below. Keep your PAN number handy to check the allotment details.

Note: Registrar of the Thyrocare  IPO is responsible for allotment of IPO stocks and refund processing. Please contact the registrar with any quires related to stock allocation or refund related problems. To understand the basis of allotment of shares for Thyrocare  IPO, check the ‘basis of allotment’ document.

Expected date of listing of the Thyrocare Shares on Stock Exchanges for Trading is 09th May 2016

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To Check Thyrocare IPO Allotment Status :  Click Here

The link is slow as lot of visitors will be trying to access it. Please be patient and wait for it to open.

  1. Click on “Application Status”
  2. Select Thyrocare from the drop Down Menu
  3. Provide your PAN Number 


Below are the some of the Frequently asked Questions about IPO allotment



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Who does the Allotment of the IPO?

Allotment of the IPO is done by the entity called the Registrar identified by the listing Company. Registrar for the Thyrocare IPO is LINK INTIME INDIA Pvt Limited.


What is the Basis Of IPO Allotment?

The registrar allots the shares taking various factors into considerations such as extent of the issue subscribed, number of employees of the company applied for the IPO, required allotments to QIBs as per the rules etc. The registrar will publish the basis of the allotment within two weeks of the issue close date.

Currently, in any IPO, the allocation is usually, QIB – 50% HNI – 15% and Retail – 35% or QIB – 60% HNI – 10% and Retail – 30% of the Net Issue.


What documents I need to check the Allotment?

You can check about the allotment status by using your PAN number.


OK, I got the allotment, When it will be credited to my Demat Account?

Usually, it will credited to your demat account within 2 business days.


But I want to sell them on first day of the listing, I will loose this opportunity if credit of shares to my demat account is delayed!

Shares will not be listed until all the allotted investors receive the shares in their respective demat accounts. So dont worry and relax, but ensure that your demat account is active and ready state of receiving the shares.


What to do if you have been allotted shares, but you have not received the credit to your demat account?

If you have allotted the shares but not received in your demat account by listing day, then check that your demat account is active. If you feel there is no issue, provide a copy of your Client Master to Registrar to enable upload of your allotted shares in your account. Copy can be sent by Fax/Scanned image.


How do I get the Refund Amount back in case of non-allotment or partial allotment?

I depends on how you filled out your application form. You will receive physical refund order to your postal address or though ECS if you have opted for it with your Broker.


When will I get my Refund back?

The Registrar will dispatch/initiate the refund order/ECS transfer within 12 working days of issue close date. So add postal delay depending on your location to receive the physical order.


I have updated ECS details with my Broker, So will I receive refund through ECS?

Not always. It depends on the registrar and he can choose to send cheques even when ECS details are updated.


When can I start trading in the new shares?

Offcourse from the listing day! provided the shares are already credited to your demat account. But you can not trade off market in case you received the shares few days before the day of listing!.

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Thyrocare IPO Details

  “Thyrocare IPO Review

Initial Public Offer (IPO) of Thyrocare Technologies Limited is hitting the primary market this April with price band between Rs.420 to Rs.446. Actual dates of the Thyrocare IPO are 27 April 2016 (open) and 29 April 2016 (Close). Lets understand the details of this IPO in this review. Thyrocare is India’s first and most advanced and  totally automated laboratory having its strong presence in more than 2000 cities / towns in India and internationally. 

Thyrocare IPO Allotment Status : Check your IPO Allotment Status Here


  Thyrocare History


Thyrocare is one of the leading pan-India diagnostic chains and process over 30,000 sample and above 1 lakh investigations every day. As of November 30, 2015, Thyrocare offeres 192 tests and 54 profiles of tests to detect a number of disorders, including thyroid disorders, growth disorders, metabolism disorders, auto-immunity, diabetes, anemia, cardiovascular disorders, infertility and various infectious diseases.

Established on 28 January 2000 in Mumbai by scientist turned entrepreneur A Velumani,  under “Aarogyam” brand it offers patients a suite of wellness and preventive health care tests. 

Other players in this segment are Dr Lal PathLabs , SRL Diagnostic and Metropolis

  Thyrocare Financials


Source : Thyrocare Draft Red Herring Prospectus (DRHP)

Thyrocare turnover has been consistent for the last four years. The profit had peaked out during 2013 and stable after that.  Estimated EPS for FY 2016 is Rs12 and based on this, PE band falls between 35 and 37.5. If we compare this with Dr. Lal Path labs IPO where in promoters were demanding the valuation in the band of 46.9 – 47.8, Thyrocare is reasonably priced. And investors were all behind Dr Lal Path Labs even at that steep valuations and at current it is trading at PE of 69 !

  To Invest or not to Invest in Thyrocare IPO?

The current issue is only Offer For Sale (OFS), that means existing share holders are selling it to the interested buyers, hence there is no fresh addition of shares unlike Ujjivan IPO. So in these kind of OFS, it is very important for you to know the motive behind the issue before making any investment decision. Normally the promoters come up with OFS in mainly two cases. In first case, existing share holders want to jump out of a sinking ship by offloading their holding to general public who eventually left with piece of papers with zero value. In second case, the promoters interested in cashing out in a favorable condition of the primary market.


Source : Thyrocare Draft Red Herring Prospectus

But looking at the pre and post IPO share holding patterns as per the prospectus of the company, the amount of offloading done by promoters is negligible. So it does not raise an alarm as on date.

  Thyrocare Share Price 

The Thyrocare IPO Share Price Band is fixed between Rs.420 to Rs.446 per equity share

  Thyrocare IPO Issue Dates

The Thyrocare IPO is set be launched on 27th April 2016 and closes on 29th April 2016.

  Thyrocare Share listing Date on Stock Exchanges

Thyrocare shares will be listed on NSE and BSE on  9th May 2016. You may get the allotted shares in your demat account by 05 May 2016.

  Thyrocare IPO Other Details

  • Issue Type: 100% Book Building
  • Issue Size:10,744,708 Equity Shares of Rs. 10
  • Face Value Per Share: Rs.10
  • Issue Price Band: Rs.420– Rs.446
  • Market Lot : 33 shares
  • Minimum Order Quantity : 33  Shares
  • Listing on Exchanges : BSE and NSE
  • Thyrocare Promoters : Dr A. Velumani and Mr A. Sundararaju
  • Thyrocare IPO Investment Bankers: JM Financial, Edelweiss and ICICI Securities

  Objects of Thyrocare IPO Issue

  • Achieve the benefits of listing the Equity Shares on the Stock Exchanges and for the sale of 10,744,708 Equity Shares by the Selling Shareholders (As per the red herring prospectus with SEBI)
  • Enhance visibility and brand image among existing and potential clients
  • Provide liquidity to the existing shareholders

  Thyrocare IPO Other Information

Thyrocare Contact Information :
D/37-1, TTC Industrial Area
MIDC Turbhe,
Navi Mumbai 400 703
Website :
Phone: + 91-22-27622762

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