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CompositEdge Review

CompositEdge  is a division of Bangalore based Composite Investments Pvt. Ltd (CIPL) which was incorporated in 1995. CIPL provides services across all segments of the financial markets – stocks, stock indices, stock futures, bullion, commodities, oils, agro products, insurance and mutual funds. Let us understand the other features of Compositedge in this review.

Through CompositEdge, CIPL provides flat fee brokerage services. With CompositEdge you can buy & sell stocks, futures, options and mutual funds.

CompositEdge Brokerage Structure

CompositEdge  has a pretty unique brokerage plan. Once you open the account and start trading, you will be charged Rs 18 per order or 0.006% whichever is lower until you cross first 1000 trades milestone. The 1000 trades can be across any of the segment. Once you cross this milestone, you will be charged Rs 15 per order or 0.006% whichever is lower.

CompositEdge Trading Platforms

CompositEdge  offers trading through the NSE NOW. It offers three modes of operation for the NOW platform namely, installation (software) based, web based and mobile based modes.

NSE NOW is basically from National Stock Exchange. NSE NOW is industry’s prominent trading platform and used by many traders using mobile and tablets. Using NSE NOW you can Access NSE servers directly which boosts trade execution speed, eliminating downtime.  Day-wise and net-wise reports can be viewed. Information and alerts available via mobile, web or email. You can request and access advanced analytical graphs and charts

1) Installation (Software based) Trader Work Station

CompositEdge Trader Work Station

 2) Web Based (Through

CompositEdge Trader WEB Station

 3) NSE NOW Mobile 

NSE NOW Mobile Screenshot


CompositEdge  Fund Transfer

Pay in: You can transfer funds into your Trading Account via the following methods.

1. Through – You can transfer the funds without any charges if your linked bank account is from axis bank, HDFC bank, kotak bank or ICICI bank. Your account will be immediately reflected with the fund transferred. 


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2. Through Back Office: If your linked back account does not belong to any one mentioned above, you can transfer the funds from back office. But mind you it will costs you Rs. 15 + Service tax per transfer. And the maximum amount you can transfer is limited to Rs 10,00,000 . Your account will be immediately reflected with the fund transferred.

3. NEFT/RTGS – Funds can be transferred electronically to your trading account from any linked bank via NEFT/RTGS. 

4. Cheque Deposit – You can transfer funds to your trading account by cheque from any of your linked bank account. You are required to send the scanned copy of the cheque to CompositEdge  

Pay out: A payout can be requested through CompositEdge  back office. Your withdrawal request will be processed by RTGS/NEFT transfer. Minimum payout request required is Rs1000.

Is CompositEdge  Right for “YOU”?

CompositEdge  is not for you if you are interested in dealing with  IPO and FDs. Like any other discount brokers CompositEdge  does not offer service in these segments. CompositEdge  does not offer 3-in-1 account, so you need keep in mind that, everytime you should transfer the funds to CompositEdge  account before start trading, not a big disadvantage though.

The main differentiating factor which sets out CompositEdge  from other discount factor is, DP account. CompositEdge  has their own DP account and hence you need no open another account with different DP’s which is the case with other discount brokers. You can trade in both NSE and BSE.

CompositEdge  offers Algo trading (Automated trading). If you are trader who wish to automate your trading strategies, CompositEdge   has lot to offer you.

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That’s about the review of the CompositEdge. If you already have account with them, let us know your experience and ratings/critics through the comments.

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  • Divya.S

    A good discount broker with their own DP. they also have algo trading for retail customers.


    very good Broker.


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