Sharekhan Review and Brokerage Information

Sharekhan Review

Sharekhan Brokerage is one of the India’s leading online retail brokerage house. The parent company S.S. Kantilal Ishwarlal Securities Limited (SSKI), has been among India’s leading broking house for more than a century. SSKI launched online trading portal on February 8, 2000. Today Sharekhan has pan-India presence with over 1800+ outlets serving more than 12Lacs customers across 500 cities. It also has international presence through its branches in the UAE and Oman. Sharekhan offers services like portfolio management, trade execution in equities, futures & options, commodities, and distribution of mutual funds, insurance and structured products

  Sharekhan Brokerage Charges

Sharekhan offers two types of brokerage schemes. A default plan where you don’t have to do any initial deposit. Offcourse, brokerage slabs higher for this scheme. Another Scheme is Annual Maintenance Scheme (AMC) where in you can select any of the prepaid denomination and avail the reduced brokerage rates.

You can checkout our handy chart of  Sharekhan demat account brokerage charges for your quick reference. You can find the Sharekhan equity, intraday, future and options charges.


  Sharekhan Minimum Brokerage requirements

Pay attention to the minimum brokerage charges. there is a reason for mentioning it exclusively. We will explain why it is important to you shortly.

It is 5 Paise/Share for intraday transactions and 10 Paise/share for Delivery based transactions.

Sharekhan Account types

Sharekhan offers two types of accounts viz Classic and Trade tiger

1) Sharekhan Classic Account 

Classic account is best suited for investors and swing traders. Salient feature of Sharekhan classic account are

* Allow investor to buy and sell stocks online along with the following features like multiple watch lists, online fund transfer and portfolio tracking with price alerts.

* Online trading account for investing in Equities and Derivatives

* Dial-n-Trade

* IPO investments

* Instant order confirmations by e-mail

* Single screen interface for cash and derivatives..

2) Sharekhan Trade Tiger 

Trade Tiger is best suited for day traders.  Trade Tiger is a net based executable software. Salient feature of Trade Tiger are

* A single platform for multiple exchange BSE & NSE (Cash & F&O), MCX, NCDEX, Currency, Mutual Funds, IPOs

* Multiple Market Watch available on a Single Screen

* Multiple Charts with Tick by Tick Intraday and End of Day Charting powered with various Studies

* Graph Studies include Average, Band-Bollinger, Know SureThing, MACD etc

* Apply studies such as Vertical, Horizontal, Trend, Retracement & Free lines

* User can save his own defined screen as well as graph template, that is, saving the layout for future use.

* User-defined alert settings on an input Stock Price trigger

* Tools available to guage market such as Tick Query, Ticker, Market Summary, Action Watch, Option

* Premium Calculator, Span Calculator

* Shortcut key for FAST access to order placements & reports

* Online fund transfer activated with 14 Banks

  Sharekhan in comparision with other Stock Brokers

Check out how Sharekhan equates with other Brokers

Sharekhan Comparision Matrix
Sharekhan Vs Angel Broking
Sharekhan Vs HDFC Securities
Sharekhan Vs ICICIDirect
Sharekhan Vs SAS Online
Sharekhan Vs TradeJini
Sharekhan Vs Religare
Sharekhan Vs RKSV Securities
Sharekhan Vs TradeSmartOnline
ShareKhan Vs Zerodha

For comparison of Sharekhan with more brokers, Visit our Side By Side Comparison of Stock Brokers page

  Is Sharekhan Brokerage right for “YOU”?

You should definitely go with Sharekhan if you are new to Sharemarket. They conduct online and classroom training for traders and investors.  Their “First Step” program is just for you!

Sharekhan also provides research report on all the sectors and you may find it beneficial to you.

One good thing about Sharekhan is they don’t charge for call and trade facility. unlike discount brokers and other full service brokers, it is totally free of cost.

If you are someone who feel safe when you see lot of sharekhan offices in your city and where ever you go, then you know better what to do!

Sharekhan is a NO to you if you day trade the stocks. Their brokerage are high and hence you will end up in loosing big portion of your profit in the form of brokerage and other taxes.

And if you are someone who are interested in trading the penny stocks, then their per share brokerage structure (remember? we mentioned it above) can kill you.

Assume you want to purchase 25000 shares of a company trading at Rs4. So your total value is Rs1,00,000 (Rupees one lakh). You expected brokerage of Rs500 ( i.e 0.05% on one lakh as per the plan).

But hold on , there is minimum brokerage requirement which states 10Paisa/Share. So your brokerage comes out to be 10PaisaX25000 shares i.e Rs2500!!. And there is also service tax of 12% on brokeerage which will be around Rs300.

Now compare this with discount broker such as Zerodha or RKSV. You will pay Rs20 as brokerage for the same transaction which is far less than the sharekhan’s service tax itself. So our advice, dont trade with Sharekhan if you want to trade in penny stocks.


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The Classic account does not provide facility to trade in commodities, so you need to shell our Rs250 extra in account opening charges and go for Trade tiger account

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That’s about the review and information of Brokerage Charges of  of the Sharekhan brokerage. If you already have account with them, let us know your experience (good or bad) and ratings/critics or any problems/issues faced through the comments. Please consider sharing this review with your family and friends through the social sharing buttons on your left/bottom.

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