Sharekhan ShareMobile Pro App Review


  Sharekhan Sharemobile Pro review

Sharekhan being the leading Stock broker of India has given outstanding products to their customers in the past. Be it an Applet based trading platform to the current TradeTiger. In those days when everything was phone based order placement or to the best it was HTML based web order placement, they introduced applet based tool which market loved instantly.

Tradetiger is their flagship product and many traders open the account with them only because of Tradetiger. It is one of the robust platform available in the country as on date with lots of features. It is also observed that some of the traders use Tradetiger for charting purpose but place the orders through the discount brokers like Zerodha , Upstox etc to reduce the brokerage costs.

But coming to Mobile based app, Sharekhan somehow lagged way beyond their competition. Their Sharemobile app was really not upto the mark. But recently they launched the new version of Sharemobile which is called Sharemobile Pro. One can download this app from android playstore here and the iOS version can be obtained from here.

One could even see some of the ad videos floating around highlighting the features of new app. Looks like Sharekhan guys got it right this time and banking highly on this new app. Probably this might be the result of the BNP Paribas acquisition of Sharekhan.


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Lets understand what Sharemobile Pro has to offer in this review.

  Basic Features of Sharemobile Pro App:

The home screen is almost like any other mobile apps including that of and give the information of Indices of Indian and foreign markets


Under market watch one can movement of share prices of individual stocks of  Indices. Sort by gain/loss. One can create his own market watch


It is also possible to create a dummy portfolio of stocks. This concept is different from market watch and will become handy if you are testing some strategies and want to know how much it performed over the time,

The app provides the latest happening around the globe through the News tab. Not a great feature though as most of the apps provide the same.

The detailed quote section is quite interesting. All the information about a particular scrip can be obtained here with just one click.

A picture worth a million and a video should offcourse a Zillion. Below is the official product video from Sharekhan

  Advantages of Sharemobile Pro App

Offcourse Pro version is lot more better than the previous version and hence Sharekhan has decided to phase out the older version.  Some of the improvements compared to previous version are

  • Users will love the new interface which is very pleasing to eye compared to older version which very much lagged better user experience
  • Additional security layers added on top of the ones present in previous versions.
  • Has lot of new feature and menu options
  • Charting tool is the biggest improvement where one can have time range from 1 minute to 1 year
  • They have also included many advanced charting tools and indicators in this new version
  • Even though the Fund transfer application is built on older version, it acts as extra security suite

  Disadvantages of Sharemobile Pro App

  • On the first version of Sharemobile Pro, the application used to get stuck at the launching screen but they have resolved it and it loads faster now. But it can be made still faster
  • Sharekhan Webpage has got option of OTP login along with membership password. App does not have logging in with OTP password.
  • Mutual Funds section is still not added to the App
  • Some of the customers have complained that they see wrong data in app for their portfolio holdings and also marketwatch.
  • Similar to Sharekhan’s other platforms, in Sharemobile Pro also the customer has to reset their password for every 14 days.
  • There is not synchronization exists between the App and the Tradetiger or web version of your account.
    The market watch created in Tradetiger does not get reflected in App and one has to create it again in App.

  Ending Note about Sharemobile Pro App:

Banking on just good research and recommendation is just not sufficient to retain the customers. At most customers use the recommendation and trade with someone who provides better and reliable technology.

Sharekhan’s affair with below par mobile technology seems to be coming to an end with this new Sharemobile Pro App. But it is still nowhere near Zerodha’s Kite platform.

But if you check frequency of the replies from Sharekhan team to customer’s feedback on Playstore, looks that they have taken it seriously this time and we hope to see Sharekhan’s Sharemobile PRO becoming one of the best and most preferred trading app of India in coming future.

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