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Quite often, new entrants to stock markets are intrigued by the complex jargon and terminologies. Without understanding the basics of the markets, they test the water with both feet and what would have been a successful journey in the markets ends abruptly even before it begins They just simply don’t know where to start with and whom to approach for any help.

Though there are plenty of materials available online, certainly a class room like environment where they can interact with the tutor and fellow participants is missing. There are few institutions offering the classes but they are mainly located in metros and not convenient in many aspects even for traders from those cities.

Good news is that recently there is an initiative of such kind by which promises to address all these concerns. They realized that videos are the best way to educate both beginners and who are at intermediate level. If a picture worth a thousand words, then video should definitely worth a million, isn’t it?. Also anybody sitting at any corner of the globe can watch it at their convenient and benefit from it.


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Embedded below is one of such video just for you to asses the quality of the content. We highly recommend you to watch this video by Mr. Prateek Singh from


About Tradeacademy is yet another initiative from founders of one of the India’s premier brokerage house in India Upstox (RKSV) having decades of experience in financial industry. Since they also started as traders before starting RKSV, they know the hardship every new comers goes through in stock markets, so one can expect best from them.


We have written a detailed review about RKSV (Now Upstox). You can read it at Upstox Review page.

Free Videos

Basically, the is organised into two parts, the free videos and the paid webinars. The free videos introduce basics of Stock markets, assumptions in technical analysis, basics of options etc.

Once you visit, click on the “courses” tab to check out the free videos.


You will find 13 courses containing around 51 videos ranging from Chart patterns to indicators and financial planning. Please check out each videos to learn basics of each topic.

Paid Webinars

Trade academy also offers webinars which they call as certification course in technical analysis simply because of the one to one teaching methodology they have adopted. Also the attendees will be provided with the certificates on course completion.

Course Schedule

Course timing is scheduled in the evening at 7PM on the alternate days so as to suit the working professionals and also to enable the participants to evaluate their learning next day during the market hours. It helps them to get their doubts clarified during the next day with the tutor. 

In case someone miss a session, tradeacademy is providing two options:

  • To re-attend the next session during the following week. Attendee will be provided with two months access
  • Access to all recordings of the classes

Course Content

The course content is split into 6 parts. First three will be basics and remaining are little advanced topics

1) Candlestick Charting:


It is widely known that Japanese used the candlesticks charting methods to great profitability in rice trading during 19th century. In this webinar, you will be taught how you can apply the same techniques to Indian markets. In this two hour class you will get good grasp of some of the most profitable setups using candlestick.

2) Chart patterns:


You will learn what is support and resistance, why the stock prices behaves in a particular manner at a given price region. Historically it is observed that price of a stock behaves in a predictable manner whenever it forms a patterns. In this webinar, you will be taught which are the high probability patterns and how to identify them correctly. You will also learn about exact entry and exit points for each chart patterns.

3) Options Decoded:


This course lays foundation for the next level of trading that is derivatives. It will have brief introduction about options geeks and how we can use them for our benefit using support and resistance. Options are gold mines if traded properly and on the other hand one can loose the entire amount invested. This webinar teaches some common mistake option traders commits and how to overcome them.

4) Newton Method:


This session teaches how to trade using the price action. Experienced traders know that price is the KING and this method is based purely on price. Tradeacademy claims that it has around 75% succes rate with 1:2 risk-reward ratio. With Newton’s method, one will be able to leverage all the knowledge they already acquired by now for stock picking, to determine entry and stop loss, set target price and trail stop loss and also effective money mangement.

5) Advanced trading Platforms:


Nobody can succeed in any profession without the right tools, so as the trading in stock markets. You will be introduced with the advanced tools available in the market with more emphasis towards upstox since it is from RKSV. You will be explained with various indicators, drawing tools and also how to generate actionable trade report. In fact you can use the data for your tax filing purpose.

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6) Trading Opportunities:

This is the interesting part of the course. No course is complete and useful until it has some practical hands on session. In this two hours participants will be taught how to spot the ongoing chart patterns, identify the trade-able patterns. One can get their picks reviewed by the mentors.

Whats so Unique about this course?

All in all, the course looks value for money. Moreover it stands out from many online courses in many ways.

  1. Its a live course, unlike going through the videos, you can ask question in real time and get clarified
  2. Convenient time : Even if you miss any webinar, you will be provided with access to the recorded session for two months
  3. Mentor-student Atmosphere : You will be hand held till you understand the concept
  4. The content is specifically designed in the context of Indian market by veteran Indian trader
  5. Opportunity to make trading buddies, discuss the trade set up and brainstorm even after the course is complete
  6. You will provided with the certificate of course completion

Course Fee

As an introductory offer, there will be a discount of Rs 5000 on the course fee of Rs 11,000. So all in all you will pay only Rs 6,000 as course fee if you enroll before the offer ends.


Now the best part. If you like what you just read and wants to enroll then there are multiple offers lined up

  1. Since it is backed by RKSV, they are offering brokerage credit of Rs 2000 to the participants who completes this course. So in effect, your course fee is further reduced to Rs 4000.
  2. Money back Offer: If you are not satisfied with the course, which will not be true in many cases, you can request for refund of the course fee before second session. Your fee will be refunded and no questions will be asked.

And oh yes, if you know any other institution offering similar kind of education, please share for the benefits of the visitors through comments

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