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As most of you know, all the current trading platforms in India are available only in English. While people of tier I cities feel comfortable using the trading tools in English, major portion of the traders residing in tier II cities are using it since they have no other options. Given a chance they would certainly would like to shift to the tools which enable them to transact in a language of their choice.

Looks like finally Stock brokers have started to realize the importance of providing the trading tools in regional languages. As another first in Indian brokerage Industry, Zerodha has introduced this feature to trade in a regional language through their already popular platform named “KITE“. (HDFC Securities already has this feature but it is limited to mobile application)

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  India’s first Kannada Trading Platform

As on November 2015, it is available only in Kannada which is a perfect gift for around 6 crores Kannadigas who are celebrating the Karnataka formation day this month.



Zerodha in kannada

       Source: Kannada-prabha news daily

            Source: Economic Times

Kite is also available in following 11 Indian languages 

  • Hindi
  • Kannada
  • Telugu
  • Tamil
  • Malayalam
  • Marathi
  • Bengali
  • Gujarati
  • Punjabi
  • Oriya

  Introduction to KITE

KITE is a light weight web-based trading platform that adapts to even mobiles and tablet, offering everything a traditional platform does, and a lot more, through a minimalistic interface.

Zerodha Kite

KITE searches across 70,000 stocks and instruments across multiple exchanges instantly with live streaming prices for all the instruments. It has advanced technical analysis charting (99 indicators) and five years of free historical data for all stocks.

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Zerodha KITE screen shot

  Salient features of Zerodha KITE

Some of the salient features of KITE are

  • Simple User Interface 
  • Slick charting with exhaustive number of indicators & tools
  • Integrated Trading and Reporting (With Zerodha Q and Quant Platforms)
  • Intuitive search and filters
  • lightning fast trading

 Stock Broking : Customer Driven Market

We had previously written about the best trading platforms in India and hope all of them include the regional languages in coming days.

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Customers are indeed benefiting from the technology advances and language should not be a barrier in taking the right decision about their trading and investment. It is really commendable that Zerodha has understood the need for this kind of facility to the Indian traders. You can contact Zerodha to understand more about this wonderful platform which comes totally free with trading account.

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